Saving Money and Using Colour

  Colour Gets Noticed. Are you using colour in your page layouts? From a production point of view, colour printing can get pretty expensive, though it’s gotten cheaper with the advent of digital output. It’s still more expensive than black and white, though. Is it worth the trouble? I’d say so. Using colour can make… Continue reading »



Graphic Design 101: Hues, Tints and Shades

The colour wheel we discussed in our last exciting instalment dealt with pure colours; what we would call  hues. The range of available colours increases when we start adding white or black to these basic colours, creating what we would call tints (by adding white) and shades (created by adding black). Image editing software usually comes… Continue reading »



Monitor Calibration and Consistent Colour

We all hate misunderstandings. An area where these can crop up – especially in publications where the colours just have to be right – is in monitor calibration. How do you know that what your designer is looking at is the same thing you’re seeing when you view the same document on your personal computer?