Are You Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is social media for business. You may have the best business or the most awesome skill set in the world, but if nobody knows about you, you’re not going to get anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a job or have a business to promote, this is a great, business-specific tool that you can use to get the word out to a very specific audience. Best part? Like so much else in the social media world, it’s free.

It’s not the answer to everything, but we ignore it at our peril. It’s been said that your next job will find you, and that’s certainly the case with LinkedIn. It’s a logical stop for recruiters and for entrepreneurs looking for a service. You can highlight your skills, post your resume and experience for all to see.

Here’s a video that I found particularly useful. It introduces us to LinkedIn and some important steps to take as you set up your account. Enjoy!

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