Effective Writing for Business

Do we write effectively? We want to get our message across with as little fuss as possible; clear, concise writing that doesn’t want to impress with big words jargon. Less really is more.

A good resume is a study in efficiency. Employers have hundreds to wade through, and long ones are likely to get deep-sixed before they see the light of day. Writing for business is the same: a million things compete for our readers’ attention, and they’re less likely to read things with excess verbiage. We run the risk of either boring our audience, or overwhelming them with so much detail that it’s just too much trouble to wade through.

There are plenty of books on this. One of the classics is On Writing Well by William Zinsser. In the meantime, I found this excellent post by Mark Murnahan on effective writing. Check it out!

  • http://www.awebguy.com Mark Aaron Murnahan

    Thank you kindly for the kind words, George. Effective writing is not intuitive for everybody, but anybody can become better with practice and training. Practice can help, but if you practice the wrong things, you can get better at the wrong things. A bit of good guidance and careful attention to detail can make a big difference. Of course, a lot of practice and a good proofreader helps even more.

    One additional tip I often suggest is to always proofread on paper. Some people will argue the point, but studies show a big difference in reading on-screen versus paper.

    I have written three books, thousands of online pieces, and about a squillion comments such as this. The difference in error-detection by printing it out before publishing is significant. I’m saving a tree this time. Forgive my editorial indiscretion. 😉