Monitor Calibration and Consistent Colour

We all hate misunderstandings. An area where these can crop up – especially in publications where the colours just have to be right – is in monitor calibration. How do you know that what your designer is looking at is the same thing you’re seeing when you view the same document on your personal computer?

You don’t want to spend a long time picking a colour that’s just right only to see it print differently than you expected. In the world of publications, we don’t like surprises, and there can be big differences between monitors. Variables include different manufacturers, the ambient light in the room the computer sits in, the resolution the monitor is set at, the brightness different monitors are set to, and many other things.

Your own monitor software has some tools that can help you get it about right. Brightness, gamma settings, hue – can all be set in a general sense. One thing I like to do is take known printed colour values on a piece of paper and then try to adjust my monitor so they are close. It’s a rough adjustment, but can get you in the ballpark.

I found a great link that gives further detail, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I’ll pass on this link to you:


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