Press Size and Print Costs

Size Does Matter

Different service providers have different kinds of presses. The size of press will affect how much colour you can have in a given publication if you are  printing a magazine or newsletter.

For instance, a typical magazine size is 8 x 10.5 inches. 4 pages of this size can be fit on each side of a 19×23 press sheet. If there is going to be full colour on one page of that side, then all 4 pages can be colour for no extra expense. This is handy to know when determining how many colour pages you’re planning to have in a magazine.

All things being equal, if the biggest sheet a press can handle is 12×18, then you’re only going to get two pages of colour out of that side. If you’ve just got to have those 4 pages of colour, you’re going to need to pay for extra press runs on the smaller machine to get them.

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