Why Use A Graphic Designer? Part 2

In my last post, I talked about why it made sense to use a designer. I’ll like to expand on that a bit. Here’s a few landmines that professionals understand and can steer you clear of.

– Resolution issues – too big for web, too small for print.

If it looks good on your computer screen, it will look good on the printed page, right? Probably not. Computer monitors use a much lower resolution than the printed page requires. If you just pull something off the web or a computer and try to output it, it will look soft and “pixelly”. And if a picture is bigger than it needs to be for a web site, your site will take longer to load, causing visitors to click away from the site if it’s slow to load. Designers deal with these issues every day and can head them off at the pass.

– Out-of Gamut Colours

Fluorescent colours, which may look fine on a monitor, will not print on paper with conventional ink. A special ink is required, which means extra time and cost. Designers understand these restrictions and can deal with them before they become an issue in the production of your printed work.

– File issues

Some files are better than others for certain purposes. On the printed page, those inexperienced with file use will sometimes use a bitmap (i.e, a picture) version of a logo where a vector based image would scale better and look cleaner. Other formats have their pros and cons for print and web, and knowing the appropriate use for each type is a big plus. By understanding the potential issues a designer can optimize a document for its intended use.

– Tacky design

No matter how easy desktop or web publishing software gets, it still helps to have a designer to put something together that has maximum appeal. If you want something that makes you look good, use someone who does it every day.

– Expectations

When you pay someone to do something, you have a right to expect a certain level of excellence; after all, you’re paying for it. When you’re using volunteers, you generally have to live with what they can produce.

– Branding

It really helps to have a consistent look associated with all your stationary, your website, your magazines and brochures. It creates a consistent visual message that reinforces your company’s image in the hearts and minds of potential customers. A designer is trained to keep the Big Picture in mind.


No matter how nice it looks, how you craft the actual message critical to getting your message across. Poorly written copy does not show your business in a good light and can confuse readers. A professional can steer you clear of problems here, too.

We’re just scraping the tip of the iceberg here. When time equals money, it really helps to have a professional on your side. We understand that whether you’re starting a new business or you’re part of a non-profit society, there’s enough stuff to worry about. Let us make your life simpler.

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