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  3. How to Make Professional Looking Pages: The Proper Use of White Space — April 9, 2012
  4. A New Way of Doing Solar Power? — March 27, 2012
  5. Don’t Be A Victim — March 20, 2012

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A very cool Illustrator Trick

Found this on YouTube earlier today – a really effect in Illustrator. Click here to check it out!  



Saving Money and Using Colour

  Colour Gets Noticed. Are you using colour in your page layouts? From a production point of view, colour printing can get pretty expensive, though it’s gotten cheaper with the advent of digital output. It’s still more expensive than black and white, though. Is it worth the trouble? I’d say so. Using colour can make… Continue reading »



How to Make Professional Looking Pages: The Proper Use of White Space

I’m a musician (kind of) and have played in ensemble settings long enough to know that music can be made a lot more effective by knowing when NOT to play as well as when actually making some sound. Skillful musicians and composers use the silences in the song to lend more power to song’s content. … Continue reading »



A New Way of Doing Solar Power?

One of the things that presents an uphill struggle for clean energy, and in particular solar and wind technology, is the cost of installation. Although we’ve improved, solar energy still costs more than conventional electricity, especially since the cost of installation comes before the benefit. When individuals buy a solar panel array with all its… Continue reading »



Don’t Be A Victim

I’m not going to sugarcoat the state of things right now. We’re in volatile times as the manufacturing economy we’ve enjoyed for the past hundred years or so gradually recedes into the past. There’s been a lot of people left out in the cold by these changes, myself included. Baby-boomers grew up in the jobs-for-life paradigm. If… Continue reading »



How To Make Your Publications Rock: Graphic Design and the Rule of Thirds

When I updated my iPhone’s software last week, I noticed that my phone’s camera now has a grid option. It divides the picture area into thirds each way, for nine equal squares. This is a handy graphic design thingy that improves my picture taking. How, you ask? Lots of folks seem to think that the… Continue reading »



Book Review: Civilization by Niall Ferguson

While I was at Costco a few months back, I spotted a book called Civilization: the West and the Rest, by Niall Ferguson. I’d never heard of the fellow (more a function of my not getting out enough than anything else), and subsequently found out he’s actually written quite a bit. By happy coincidence, my… Continue reading »



How to Celebrate Your Own Independence Day

Things sure have changed. Western society is moving from a manufacturing model to service industries. Long time employees are being shown the door as companies do more for less, trying to economize with automation and outsourcing. People who have led comfortable – if uninspired – lives suddenly find themselves on the street with an uncertain… Continue reading »



Graphic Design 101: Hues, Tints and Shades

The colour wheel we discussed in our last exciting instalment dealt with pure colours; what we would call  hues. The range of available colours increases when we start adding white or black to these basic colours, creating what we would call tints (by adding white) and shades (created by adding black). Image editing software usually comes… Continue reading »



Graphic Design 101: Understanding Colour

People have commented (I’m not making this up) how much better I look since I’ve been married. It’s hard to sneak out the door without the Fashion Police giving the thumbs-up or thumbs down. I’m a bit of a klutz when it comes to knowing what’s cool and/or appropriate. Colours are like that too. How… Continue reading »


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